Logistics Planner for Paratransit and Courier Services – new release 2.8

Rapidis Logistics Planner, PD version, for route planning and optimization in Paratransit and Courier Services has been released in ver. 2.8. Here follows a list of improvements:

  • New automatic sibling function which is used to plan more passengers going to the same destination at the same time (For example brother/sister going to the same school)
  • New planning method improves planning in scenarios where more passengers are travelling to/from the same location
  • Several improvements all adding to better plans reducing over-all costs. For tasks locked to resources, we have fixed a bug that could result in “not-assigned-tasks”
  • A new check procedure for “not-assigned-tasks”. The check will find out if the task can be assigned as a solo ride
  • A new check for “not-assigned-tasks that are locked to resources”. For each pair it is checked if other pairs will prevent assignment.
  • New Log Identification, making it easy to link transaction and log

All improvements are for Rapidis Logistics Planner, Pickup and delivery version, either supplied as a web service or as an extension for ArcGIS.

For additional information, documentation or a trial; please contact Leif Dahl Petersen

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ESRI user conference i Denmark 2014

As ESRI Business partner Rapidis will join the exhibition area at the Danish ESRI user conference, which takes place at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen June  3rd – june 4th .

Rapidis will focus on Logistic Analysis together with  route planning and optimization.

For several Danish Municipalities we have performed Logistic Analysis in order to reveal answers for questions like:

  • What pupils are entitled to transport either with public transportation or school bus?
  • How many buses are needed to perform a certain paratransit service?
  • What can be gained by joining 2 or more transportation areas within the Municipality?

Route planning and optimization can be handled by using Rapidis Logistics Planner, which is a software suite for daily planning and optimization of routes in several industries. Rapidis Logistics Planner is now also available as an extension for ArcGIS:

  • Paratransit and School bus routes
  • Service Technizians
  • Distribution of goods, food and more

If you can not vistit us at the user conference, please feel free to contact Leif Dahl Petersen for more information.

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Rapidis Logistics Planner – now for ArcGIS

Our Logistics Planner is now available as an extension for ArcGIS.

This means that Rapidis Logistics Planner for ArcGIS can perform transport management and optimization in any country where a digital road network is available. We can of course be of assistance.

For ArcGIS we deliver Rapidis Logistics Planner with tools for “PD” which is for planning and automated dispatch in paratransit and with tools for “VRP” which is for optimized planning and routing for an entire fleet of distribution vehicles or service technicians.

Rapidis Logistics Planner for ArcGIS will run on both ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop and can be used for analyzing complex logistic problems and for daily planning and dispatch.

For more information – please contact Leif Dahl Petersen

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Logistics Planner Release v. 2.3.0

This release introduces a new feature in person transport: Fixed breaks.

Logistics Planner now supports 3 different types of breaks pr. resource:

  • Fixed breaks – such as a 30 minute lunch break around noon.
  • Floating breaks – such as a 45 minute driving time regulated break for each 270 minutes driven.
  • Route splits – such as a schoolbus that must return to depot during long idle times (midday).

Logistics Planner currently supports a single break only for each resource.

This release also solves a bug i person transport that, in certain cases, causes the planner to ignore resource depot locations.

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Logistics Planner 2.1

Rapidis Logistics Planner has been expanded with a number of new features. The planning functionality has features, such as the use of multiple time-windows, multiple qualifications requirement, improvement planning methods and more. In addition, it is now possible to work with geographic data utilizing multiple projection systems simultaneously.

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Falck Teknik forecasting system

Rapidis has developed a forecasting system for Falck Teknik. The system can produce long-term forecasts for the roughly 100 service technicians working for Falck Teknik. The forecasts are based on a combination of booked service orders combined with a detailed planning calculation. It is possible to produce forecasts for future workloads for a 12 month period.

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Traffic Analyst 3.3

Traffic Analyst 3.3 released: Added: detailed modelling of road-intersections in road traffic assignment tool, tools for establishing intersection-data, editing-tools for intersection-data.

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LogPlan has become Rapidis Logistics

LogPlan was founded in 2010 by Rapidis and Leif Dahl Petersen. Our mission was to offer software, Rapidis Logistics Planner, to a broader number of boht public and private companies.

Now we have decided to work even closer and therefore we would like to be recognized under the Rapidis name. This is why we have renamed LogPlan ApS into Rapidis Logistics ApS, where Leif Dahl Petersen will continue as Managing Director and responsible for sales and the daily contact with our partners.

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