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High Density Route Planning for Mail delivery 

Route Planning Software for Newspaper routes, TMC and Mail

Route Planning and optimization for mail delivery routes, newspapers and Total Market Coverage (TMC) with printed advertisement materials differs in several ways from last mile routing for parcel distribution. A postal service needs to visit every address in area that in fact could be an entire country, so this specialty within route planning must be able to handle large numbers of locations. Many carriers delivering mail, newspapers and commercial folders are walking or riding a bicycle while others will need to use a car. These multi modal requirements should also handled by the route planning software.

Rapidis offers an edition of the Logistics Planner software that handles the above scenarios where you need to visit every address in a large area.

Divide the area and optimize sequences

Logistics Planner Postal edition has 2 major functionalities.

Divide area into efficient routes

The Postal VRP solver will divide the area into routes meeting your requirements

Sequence optimization

The Postal TSP solver will optimize the sequence for each route. The 2 steps can be run after each other, but many users will make daily use of the Postal sequence optimization to calculate the best sequence for each route

based on the what addresses will actually have a delivery.

Maps and descriptions for each route

As planner you will see areas divided into efficient routes. Each route will be illustrated on maps along with a sequenced list of addresses and key figures for each route and the total area

Delivery Routes with equal work time

Prior to the route planning process it is recommended to consider your requirements for the routes. You would probably specify what work time your routes should have. Doing so the routes will be created with equal work time.

Also the planner can decide if and how you will allow the carriers to cross the streets, if you will allow overlapping routes and many other settings.

Task time and weight per address

Logistics Planner Postal handles unique input for each address like service time and weight. These input together with a street network are the necessary is all data that is needed to do the route calculations.

Car routes or walking routes

Based on your preferences Logistics Planner Postal detects if a route is best served by a walking carrier or by car.

Selected references

    • FK Distribution uses the Rapidis Logistics Postal Solution for ArcGIS to build effective routes for nationwide distribution of free newspapers and printed advertising material.