Rapidis Logistics Planner, PD version, for route planning and optimization in Paratransit and Courier Services has been released in ver. 2.8. Here follows a list of improvements:

  • New automatic sibling function which is used to plan more passengers going to the same destination at the same time (For example brother/sister going to the same school)
  • New planning method improves planning in scenarios where more passengers are travelling to/from the same location
  • Several improvements all adding to better plans reducing over-all costs. For tasks locked to resources, we have fixed a bug that could result in “not-assigned-tasks”
  • A new check procedure for “not-assigned-tasks”. The check will find out if the task can be assigned as a solo ride
  • A new check for “not-assigned-tasks that are locked to resources”. For each pair it is checked if other pairs will prevent assignment.
  • New Log Identification, making it easy to link transaction and log

All improvements are for Rapidis Logistics Planner, Pickup and delivery version, either supplied as a web service or as an extension for ArcGIS.

For additional information, documentation or a trial; please contact Leif Dahl Petersen