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Residential Waste Collection Routes optimized for AVV

As consultants, Rapidis has produced and optimized routes for residential waste collection for AVV who is responsible for the waste collection in Hjørring and Brønderslev; 2 municipalities in Denmark with a total of app. 40.000 households.

Find more examples on maps and related output here

Rapdis develop software for this specific type of route planning where you need to visit every household in a larger area like a city.  We call that “high density route planning” and it is often used for delivery of mail and printed advertisement material and for residential waste collection. As routes for residential waste collection are not subject to frequent changes, Rapidis also offer to produce routes on consultancy basis – as we have done for AVV in this case.

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New Workforce Planner App for ArcGIS

Esri has recently released the App Workforce for ArcGIS. Workforce is part of your ArcGIS Online subscription.

Workforce makes it easier to organize field workers, assign tasks and get status information back into the office. Workforce works great in combination with one or more of the other Esri Apps like Navigator, Collector and Survey.

In the office you will use the Workforce Dispatcher Web App. From here you can assign tasks to individual field workers. This is a manual process.

This is why Rapidis has launched an App, Workforce Planner, that combines all the properties of Workforce with functionalities for automated scheduling and fleet optimization that you might allready know from the Rapidis Logistics Planner suite.

In every day life this means that the dispatcher can select some or all tasks from the pool together with a number of field workers and then leave it to Workforce Planner to build the best and most cost efficient overall schedule that states which tasks should bee assigned the individual field workers together with the optimized sequence for each route.

More information about Workforce Planner.

Get your free trial on Workforce Planner at ArcGIS Marketplace.

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Rapidis has become Microsoft Gold Partner

At Rapidis we are proud to announce that we now can call us Microsoft Gold Partner in categories “Application Development” and”Data Center”.

In order to obtain the Gold Partner Certification we have documented that Rapidis Logistics Planner is used in a significant number of installations and that our staff has both the necessary skills and certifications.

Our new Certification also implies that “real” costumers and users have verified their use of Rapidis Logistics Planner together with filling out questionnaires. We appreciate that many of our costumers, users and partners have taken their time to help – Thank you!

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New demo of RLP GIS version for scheduling in Demand Responsive Transport

New GIS version of RLP for DRT adds new options

Rapidis Logistics Planner for scheduling and optimization in Demand Responsive Transport and Paratransit is now available in a GIS version. The service is still available as a cloud hosted service, but the GIS version gives a number of extra options like:

  • Easy to display, select and highlight locations and one or more routes on a map
  • Create and edit zones and barriers, with no driving or reduced speed
  • Scheduling for all European countries and USA
  • Scheduling with travel time affected by rush hours (available end 2015)

What to see in the demo?

For the demo we have used Esri SDK’s, that can help you fetch routes on the cloud server and display them on a map and/or send them directly to a smartphone or tablet. Rapidis are happy to help our costumers and partners to get started with the Esri SDK’s, that can be used free of charge in this “basic” version. In the demo you can also explore how the numerous demands and restrictions attached to pickups, deliveries and the buses will affect the schedules as their values are changed. Finally the demo will show how the configuration parameters that controls the actual calculations and the levels of optimizations can be used to control the scheduling.

Care to see the full demo?

If scheduling and planning in demand responsive transport is relevant for your work, we will be happy to give a full demonstration of how Rapidis Logistics Planner can help you both optimize your scheduling and reduce the factors that make the trip inconvenient for your passengers. Please contact Leif Dahl Petersen in order to schedule on online demonstration.

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Rapidis Logistics Planner – now for ArcGIS

Our Logistics Planner is now available as an extension for ArcGIS.

This means that Rapidis Logistics Planner for ArcGIS can perform transport management and optimization in any country where a digital road network is available. We can of course be of assistance.

For ArcGIS we deliver Rapidis Logistics Planner with tools for “PD” which is for planning and automated dispatch in paratransit and with tools for “VRP” which is for optimized planning and routing for an entire fleet of distribution vehicles or service technicians.

Rapidis Logistics Planner for ArcGIS will run on both ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop and can be used for analyzing complex logistic problems and for daily planning and dispatch.

For more information – please contact Leif Dahl Petersen

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Logistics Planner Release v. 2.3.0

This release introduces a new feature in person transport: Fixed breaks.

Logistics Planner now supports 3 different types of breaks pr. resource:

  • Fixed breaks – such as a 30 minute lunch break around noon.
  • Floating breaks – such as a 45 minute driving time regulated break for each 270 minutes driven.
  • Route splits – such as a schoolbus that must return to depot during long idle times (midday).

Logistics Planner currently supports a single break only for each resource.

This release also solves a bug i person transport that, in certain cases, causes the planner to ignore resource depot locations.

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Logistics Planner 2.1

Rapidis Logistics Planner has been expanded with a number of new features. The planning functionality has features, such as the use of multiple time-windows, multiple qualifications requirement, improvement planning methods and more. In addition, it is now possible to work with geographic data utilizing multiple projection systems simultaneously.

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