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Traffic Analyst 7.0 released – Traffic Analyst now supports ArcGIS 10.7.1.

  • LogFetcher executable added. This module supports polling ArcGIS Server installations for service logs and backing them up in a SQL Server environment.
  • DTA Path Assignment tool added. Dynamic individual trip-based assignment using a continuous assignment of trips. This allows detailed modelling of spatial-temporal queue increase and decrease.
  • Mixed Public Assignment tool added. A higher performance Public Assignment algorithm has been implemented, that supports a mix of schedule-based and frequency-based runs, as well as capacity restraints and crowding.
  • Transit data map tools now supports editing and creating runs with frequency and capacity information, that can be used in Mixed Public Assignment.
  • TurnGenerator tool, enhanced detection of primary vs secondary links for establishing turn priorities, e.g. for individually digitized carriageways.
  • Model Manager features new user interface options and faster data transfers, requiring less space.


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Global Public Transport Summit – meet Rapidis in Stockholm

15.000 visitors and 350 exhibitors will meet at this great summit about public transport in Stockholm. Expo is open from June 10th till June 12th. Rapidis will assist Esri at booth B1080 and we will be showcasing our newest Transit Analyst for ArcGIS giving transit authorities and others a very detailed picture of how passengers travel in the network. Please stop by the booth for more info.

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Residential Waste Collection Routes optimized for AVV

As consultants, Rapidis has produced and optimized routes for residential waste collection for AVV who is responsible for the waste collection in Hjørring and Brønderslev; 2 municipalities in Denmark with a total of app. 40.000 households.

Find more examples on maps and related output here

Rapdis develop software for this specific type of route planning where you need to visit every household in a larger area like a city.  We call that “high density route planning” and it is often used for delivery of mail and printed advertisement material and for residential waste collection. As routes for residential waste collection are not subject to frequent changes, Rapidis also offer to produce routes on consultancy basis – as we have done for AVV in this case.

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Esri Postal and Parcel Location Intelligence Summit

Esri invites you to join a conference dedicated to the use of GIS in organisations working with postal services, parcel distribution, newspaper distribution and total market coverage with advertisements.

The summit takes place in Hamburg October 11th right after the PostExpo where Esri also is present and you can meet their industry specialists

Link to Esri Postal and Parcel Location Intelligence Summit

Link to PostExpo

At Esri Postal an Parcel Location Intelligence Summit you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with colleagues from other countries working with the same issues as you do and experience presentations from both users and GIS experts.

Please note the registration is free and not only for current users of Esri software.

Feel free to contact Leif Dahl Petersen at Rapidis for more information.

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Traffic Analyst now supports ArcGIS 10.6

Traffic Analyst 6.6 released

Several existing tools have new added features.

Editing tools are now instance aware.

Transit Data Map Tools: Now supports only loading public network data within current extent.

Model Manager application expanded.

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Ready for Esri User Conference 2017 in San Diego

If you are going to the Esri User Conference please take a moment to drop by the Rapidis booth in the exhibition area. We are in booth no. 606.

We are just about ready, here is a little appetizer with a sneak preview of our Roll Ups.

Rapidis brings some great news to the conference:

The High Density Routing solution is now multimodal creating postal routes for cars and for carriers either walking or using a bicycle or scooter.

School Bus routing and Demand Responsive Transport is a niche where we find an increasing demand from both local government and operators looking for automated scheduling to meet service goals and minimize costs. Stop by and let us show you how this is possible within ArcGIS combined with Logistics Planner.

We have worked hard in Transit and we can assist with deep Insights in travel patterns and passenger flows together with Transit Network Analysis and Forecasts of Flows.


Especially I would like encourage you to join a presentation of the National Danish Transport Model given by Professor Otto Anker Nielsen of the Danish Technical University. It´s 1.30 PM on Wednesday the 12th at SDCC room 28 D

Personally I will do two presentations:

  • A costumer case story in High Density Routing in a session at 8.30 – 9.45 PM on Wednesday the 12th at SDCC room 30 B
  • A costumer case story in Demand Responsive Transport on Wednesday the 12th at SDCC room. This is in session at 3.15 – 4.30 PM

Please check the agenda for exact times and possible changes.

I hope that you will find time to join our presentations.



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Washa went from 8 to 12 visits per hour using Logistics Planner

Download the Case Study and explore how Washa, an online laundry service, has benefited from incorporating Logistics Planner in their operation that involves pickups and deliveries at customer locations.


Washa experienced:

  • A very high increase in productivity and went from 8 stops per hour to 12 stops per hour.
  • Office time spent on planning was reduced from many hours to a few minutes allowing for later deadlines for next day service
  • Delivery costs are dynamically priced making it attractive for customers to choose delivery in a time window where Washa has other stops near by


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New Workforce Planner App for ArcGIS

Esri has recently released the App Workforce for ArcGIS. Workforce is part of your ArcGIS Online subscription.

Workforce makes it easier to organize field workers, assign tasks and get status information back into the office. Workforce works great in combination with one or more of the other Esri Apps like Navigator, Collector and Survey.

In the office you will use the Workforce Dispatcher Web App. From here you can assign tasks to individual field workers. This is a manual process.

This is why Rapidis has launched an App, Workforce Planner, that combines all the properties of Workforce with functionalities for automated scheduling and fleet optimization that you might allready know from the Rapidis Logistics Planner suite.

In every day life this means that the dispatcher can select some or all tasks from the pool together with a number of field workers and then leave it to Workforce Planner to build the best and most cost efficient overall schedule that states which tasks should bee assigned the individual field workers together with the optimized sequence for each route.

More information about Workforce Planner.

Get your free trial on Workforce Planner at ArcGIS Marketplace.

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Traffic Analyst 6.0 release

The newest version of Traffic Analyst now supports ArcGIS 10.4.1. In addition three new tools have been added:

  • Path Assignment tool, which is a path based SUE alternative to the existing road traffic assignment tool. Supports path-size logit to distribute path shares of the path-sets for each OD matrix element, and threshold elimination of routes with high relative cost from the path-sets
  • Path MPME tool supporting the Path Assignment methodology
  • Get Network Connectivity tool, which can extract the connectivity from an ArcGIS Network Dataset

Furthermore, separate weights for longer waiting times at the same stop, have been introduced in the Public Assignment tool.

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Traffic Analyst 5.1.0


In the latest version 5.1.0 of Traffic Analyst, the option to use ”Fixed Seed” in Road and Public Assignment has been introduced.

The “Fixed seed” functionality reduces the noise from stochastic simulation, when comparing the results of two identical calculations. The results will to a much greater extent be similar.

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Rapidis has become Microsoft Gold Partner

At Rapidis we are proud to announce that we now can call us Microsoft Gold Partner in categories “Application Development” and”Data Center”.

In order to obtain the Gold Partner Certification we have documented that Rapidis Logistics Planner is used in a significant number of installations and that our staff has both the necessary skills and certifications.

Our new Certification also implies that “real” costumers and users have verified their use of Rapidis Logistics Planner together with filling out questionnaires. We appreciate that many of our costumers, users and partners have taken their time to help – Thank you!

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New demo of RLP GIS version for scheduling in Demand Responsive Transport

New GIS version of RLP for DRT adds new options

Rapidis Logistics Planner for scheduling and optimization in Demand Responsive Transport and Paratransit is now available in a GIS version. The service is still available as a cloud hosted service, but the GIS version gives a number of extra options like:

  • Easy to display, select and highlight locations and one or more routes on a map
  • Create and edit zones and barriers, with no driving or reduced speed
  • Scheduling for all European countries and USA
  • Scheduling with travel time affected by rush hours (available end 2015)

What to see in the demo?

For the demo we have used Esri SDK’s, that can help you fetch routes on the cloud server and display them on a map and/or send them directly to a smartphone or tablet. Rapidis are happy to help our costumers and partners to get started with the Esri SDK’s, that can be used free of charge in this “basic” version. In the demo you can also explore how the numerous demands and restrictions attached to pickups, deliveries and the buses will affect the schedules as their values are changed. Finally the demo will show how the configuration parameters that controls the actual calculations and the levels of optimizations can be used to control the scheduling.

Care to see the full demo?

If scheduling and planning in demand responsive transport is relevant for your work, we will be happy to give a full demonstration of how Rapidis Logistics Planner can help you both optimize your scheduling and reduce the factors that make the trip inconvenient for your passengers. Please contact Leif Dahl Petersen in order to schedule on online demonstration.

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Traffic Analyst 4.0 Release

  • Now requires ArcGIS 10.2.2
  • A 64-bit version of Traffic Analyst is now available (along with the 32-bit version)
  • Public assignment early zone departure modelling added
  • As of version 4.0, there are restrictions on how Traffic Analyst can write outputs to databases using OLE DB connections
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Rapidis is part of the IPTOP project

Rapidis has been appointed to an important role in the IPTOP project (Integrated Public Transport Optimisation and Planning) managed by the Technical University of Denmark

The research project IPTOP aims at developing new methods for planning, designing, controlling and optimizing Danish public transport systems.

The benefits for the passengers are short travelling time and better service.

Additionally the transport operators will gain economically. All together the expectations are to gain substantial societal and economic benefits compared to the overall investment.

Special attention will be given to coordination between separate transport providers so that existing services are more accessible, more reliable, and more attractive to travelers.

Rapidis will lead on software development. This ensures an early focus on implementation issues and that the modelling system in fact can be used to calculate and predict consequences from “What-if” scenarios.

Other IPTOP participants are:

  • DTU Transport – Technical University of Denmark, Transport Dept.
  • DTU Management – Technical University of Denmark, Management Dept.
  • DTU Compute – Technical University of Denmark
  • Trafikselskabet Movia – the Copenhagen area Bus transit operator
  • DSB – Danish National Railways
  • Banedanmark – Rail Net Denmark
  • Trafikstyrelsen – The Danish Transport Authority

For more information go to http://www.iptop.transport.dtu.dk/ or contact Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

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