Route Planning and Optimization for ArcGIS, Transport forecasting Models and Transit Passenger Analysis

Traffic analyst for ArcGIS

Transport and Transit

We analyze and model travel patterns and traffic volumes. This is typically accomplished by the use of a transport model, which – for the most part – will cover road traffic as well as public transport.

We develop and offer Traffic Analyst; an extension for ArcGIS with GP Tools for transport modelling.

Route planning ArcGIS

Route Planning and Logistics

Rapidis develops Logistics Planner (RLP) for automated route planning and scheduling in various industries.

RLP is a cloud hosted service that you can activate from other IT Systems. RLP is also an extension for ArcGIS.

 Analyses and Consulting in transport and logistics

Rapidis analyses data og offers consultancy related to logistics and transport.

We are working on the The Danish Nation Traffic Model and the TRANS-TOOLS model for the European Commission.

Selected references, projects and cases

Danish National Traffic Model

 Trans Tools 3

 Demand Responsive Transport

Postal Routes

Residential Waste Collection

See descriptions for the above and more references, projects and cases:  In transport – in  logistics