• Route Planning SaaS

Route Planning for Mobile Workforce

Route Planning as a hosted service for Mobile Workforce

Route Planning for mobile workers doing service, inspections and home care. Available as a cloud hosted web service, SaaS.

The route planning service can be integrated to almost any administrative software solution like ERP-systems, Mobile Workforce Management solutions etc.

The objective is to assign tasks to workers with the needed qualifications and to assure that tasks are completed within agreed time windows. Also it is important to minimize the office time spent on planning and scheduling. Finally the route planning service will minimize total drive time for the fleet of workers leaving more time to complete tasks.

Integrates with current systems

Rapidis Logistics Planner is a cloud hosted web service that can be integrated with your organizations current system such as a booking system, a transport management system or an ERP system. Data from these systems can be used as input for automatic order assignment and route optimization for a fleet of mobile workers.

The cloud hosted web service covers Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and areas on request.

New tasks during the day

Logistics Planner is often used for pre-route planning before the beginning of a work day.

In most organizations new orders occur during the day while other tasks may be cancelled or postponed. Logistics Planner offers various ways to incorporate these dynamics into your routes. For some organizations is makes sense to do the route planning all over with no regards to whom tasks were previously assigned. For others is necessary to keep the existing routes and then add new task to the existing routes letting Logistics Planner do just that and so additional costs will be kept as low as possible.

Add new bookings smart

When a costumer or client wants to book a visit from one of your mobile workers, it may be a good idea to use Logistics Planner to calculate on or more time windows that combined with your existing pool of tasks will cause as few costs as possible and then offer these time windows to the client. For further inspiration – Download this use case story and experience how the online laundry service Washa uses Logistics Planner for dynamic pricing of pickup and delivery charges in order to motivate costumers to pick time windows that allows Washa to minimize their costs of transportation.

Selected references

  • Falck Technic does task assignment and route planning for at large fleet of mobile inspectors and technicians doing both scheduled inspections, installations and repairs.

  • Washa, an online laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery service does daily route planning and fleet optimization, but Washa also uses the web services to offer costumers lower fee for pickup and delivery if the costumers will choose a time window that fits the current plan for transportation better.