New GIS version of RLP for DRT adds new options

Rapidis Logistics Planner for scheduling and optimization in Demand Responsive Transport and Paratransit is now available in a GIS version. The service is still available as a cloud hosted service, but the GIS version gives a number of extra options like:

  • Easy to display, select and highlight locations and one or more routes on a map
  • Create and edit zones and barriers, with no driving or reduced speed
  • Scheduling for all European countries and USA
  • Scheduling with travel time affected by rush hours (available end 2015)

What to see in the demo?

For the demo we have used Esri SDK’s, that can help you fetch routes on the cloud server and display them on a map and/or send them directly to a smartphone or tablet. Rapidis are happy to help our costumers and partners to get started with the Esri SDK’s, that can be used free of charge in this “basic” version. In the demo you can also explore how the numerous demands and restrictions attached to pickups, deliveries and the buses will affect the schedules as their values are changed. Finally the demo will show how the configuration parameters that controls the actual calculations and the levels of optimizations can be used to control the scheduling.

Care to see the full demo?

If scheduling and planning in demand responsive transport is relevant for your work, we will be happy to give a full demonstration of how Rapidis Logistics Planner can help you both optimize your scheduling and reduce the factors that make the trip inconvenient for your passengers. Please contact Leif Dahl Petersen in order to schedule on online demonstration.