If you are going to the Esri User Conference please take a moment to drop by the Rapidis booth in the exhibition area. We are in booth no. 606.

We are just about ready, here is a little appetizer with a sneak preview of our Roll Ups.

Rapidis brings some great news to the conference:

The High Density Routing solution is now multimodal creating postal routes for cars and for carriers either walking or using a bicycle or scooter.

School Bus routing and Demand Responsive Transport is a niche where we find an increasing demand from both local government and operators looking for automated scheduling to meet service goals and minimize costs. Stop by and let us show you how this is possible within ArcGIS combined with Logistics Planner.

We have worked hard in Transit and we can assist with deep Insights in travel patterns and passenger flows together with Transit Network Analysis and Forecasts of Flows.


Especially I would like encourage you to join a presentation of the National Danish Transport Model given by Professor Otto Anker Nielsen of the Danish Technical University. It´s 1.30 PM on Wednesday the 12th at SDCC room 28 D

Personally I will do two presentations:

  • A costumer case story in High Density Routing in a session at 8.30 – 9.45 PM on Wednesday the 12th at SDCC room 30 B
  • A costumer case story in Demand Responsive Transport on Wednesday the 12th at SDCC room. This is in session at 3.15 – 4.30 PM

Please check the agenda for exact times and possible changes.

I hope that you will find time to join our presentations.