Rapidis has a lot of experience in using computer-models to simulate and analyse traffic. From building a very low-level and detailed system calculating daily passenger streams in an urban rail system to high-level models producing strategic forecasts covering decades.

As the basis of our work we have developed the software package Traffic Analyst as an extension of the ArcGIS system from ESRI.

Traffic Analyst contains a number of modules for editing and visualizing traffic related data, as well as advanced simulation modules. This makes it possible to carry out traffic analysis calculations and to build larger forecast model systems. For instance:

  • Modules to simulate car traffic flows in a road network or passenger flows in a public transit network
  • Modules to predict socio-economic changes in a model-area
  • Tools for detailed visualization of public transit passenger flows
  • Calculation tools to adjust trip matrices based on traffic counts

Using Traffic Analyst & ESRI ArcGIS we:

  • Carry out consulting and analysis projects for customers
  • Build operational analysis-systems for (for instance) Transit Authorities, producing daily key-figures and detailed insights into the state of the transit system
  • Participate in Danish and international traffic modelling projects (for instance the EU Commissions TRANS-TOOLS model and the Danish National Traffic Model) providing consulting services, software and technical skills