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Selected partners offering solutions that include Rapidis Logistics Planner

Delivery Routes and Distribution

PCSYS PCSYS supply mobile solutions for companies with a fleet of distribution vans or trucks. The solutions can include proof of delivery, signature on the screen, navigation, map display, run list, fuel economy and now also transport planning and route optimization based on Rapidis Logistics Planner.

Demand Responsive Transport

TechHouse is behind the management system WebTour, which is used by bus companies in demand responsive transport to keep track of offers, upcoming tasks, current runs, billing and more. With the integration of Rapidis it is now also possible for the bus companies to implement automatic scheduling for large numbers of tasks in DRT and school bus offers for children with special needs. The automatic scheduling ensures that all tasks are fullfilled and their individual requirements and restrictions are met. Also the bus company can complete their service with as few buses and so little km consumption as possible.

Delivery Routes and Distribution, Service Technicians

Pro-Sat has made a very easy to use solution for Routing, Scheduling and Fleet Management. As a user you simply log on to the webinterface. From here you can upload your tasks which will be assigned to vehicles and employees, in the most costefficient way. At the same time all restrictions, timewindows etc. will be met.

The solution “Pro-Sat Planner” is a stand-alone solution, but it can be used in connection with the other fleet management solutions that Pro-Sat has worked with for many years.

Official Esri distributor for Denmark

Geoinfo is the official Esri distributor for Denmark. Esri is the worlds leading producer of  GIS software.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are use by organizations of almost any size and in any industry around the world. In many cases the costumer also needs logistic planning as part of their GIS solution.

This is why Geoinfo, in several scenarios, has implemented Rapidis Logistics Planner as part of a solution based on the ArcGIS platform.

Demand Responsive Transport

Partex Data is behind “Easy@Tour” which is administrative software for bus operators who works with paratransit. Among many features this solution has a dispatch module, which now have been integrated with the Rapidis Logistics Planner so that planning and dispatch can be done automatically. This means that “Easy@Tour” users now can benefit from the speed of automatic planning together with substantial savings on both drivetime and fuel.

Municipalities, Service Technicians, Delivery Routes and Distribution

The Synchronicer system from Soft Design A/S helps mobile workers and their home base with a large number of tasks. The solution is put together by a selection of many modules that can fit service companies, transport companies and municipalities. Synchronicer now also offers that the costumers tasks can be planned and assigned to ressources automatically. The list of tasks that is sent to the mobile device is optimized so the overall costs will be minimized.

Demand Responsive Transport

SSD has developed FleetSched which is a planning system for paratransit bus operators, who every day use their busses to transport school children with special needs to and from school as well as patients to hospital for treatment and return to their homes. FleetSched has a built-in integration to Rapidis Logistics Planner offering dispatchers the ability to automatically make routes that complies to all agreements and requirements and, at the same time, can be carried out with a little costs as possible.
FleetSched is available in a version that helps servicecompanies who has many service technicians who needs to be assigned to several tasks every day. Large numbers of service calls can also be scheduled automatically which enables the company to meet its obligations and still minimize the distance the drive and the time they spend driving between tasks.

Delivery Routes and Distribution

Multiflash  is a TomTom dealer and has succesfully coupled transport planning and route optimization from Rapidis with TomTom navigation devices.This means that a carrier or or a servicecompany automatically can plan all their tasks so they are carried out with minimal driving time and mileage. When tasks are assigned to a driver they are automatically sent to the TomTom device in the vehicle, which then can navigates the vehicle to the excat location of the of the task. Other features in TomTom devices will also be included.  It is easy to send messages to vehicle drivers, monitor and store the vehicle positions and navigation takes into account the current traffic situation.

Home Care

Avaleo designs systems that Municipalities use to keep track of what citizens are entitled to different home care services. Also the systems hold information about staff schedules, skills and more. Avaleo uses Rapidis’  services to perform automatic visit planning which helps the municipalities to meet all their obligations in home care with as little time as possible spent on the road.