Systems for the Traffic Sector

Rapidis also produces systems and solutions for the traffic sector. These are typically operational systems which daily handle large amounts of data in order to produce analyses, key figures and visualizations providing insight into the daily operations. For instance, we have delivered:

  • Traffic Congestion analysis based on GPS data for the danish Road Directorate
  • A system producing daily and detailed passenger flow information for the Copenhagen Urban Rail system, based on train weighting and counting data. The resulting data describes how many passengers are travelling and when, where they embark and disembark, and what changes are performed
  • Analysis and visualization of passenger embarkation data at Movia – the Greater Copenhagen Bus Authority

An operational system will typically be developed on the basis of our existing software modules, but designed to be seamlessly integrated with the customers existing systems in order to facilitate automatic & operational everyday use.

Please contact Thomas Israelsen for further information.