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Workforce Planner

Workforce for ArcGIS is included, when you subscribe to ArcGIS Online.

Together with other apps for ArcGIS, Workforce for ArcGIS will help you assign orders to your Mobile Workforce or Field Workers and share status of your tasks throughout your organization.

Rapidis offers an Add-on App, Workforce Planner, that combines the strengths from Workforce for ArcGIS with those of Rapidis Logistics Planner. As a result, functionalities for automatic scheduling and optimized route planning are added.

On a practical level, this means that Dispatchers can select tasks from their pool together with any number of field workers. After a few moments, the dispatcher will see the an optimized schedule for each worker and be sure that he has the most efficient plan for his entire fleet of workers.



1. Select Tasks and Worker (Click image for enlargement)

Select tasks together with a number of workers. The tasks will automatically be assigned and efficient routes will be planned.



2. Status View (Click image for enlargement)

See assignments and which worker they are assigned to.



3. Fleet is now optimized (Click image for enlargement)

All routes are now optimized and ready and you can choose to send them to your workers’ smartphones or other devices.


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  • For more information about Workforce Planner and Scheduling please Contact Rapidis

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