In many cases we have helped clients solving problems, analyzing data and other consultancy tasks related to logistics and optimization of transport.

Below we have listed som examples - Please feel free to tell us about your specific needs!

Whether you work for the ordering authorities or whether you are about to bid on a contract, it is important to have accurate calculations of what is required to solve the tasks covered by the tender. Several times we have helped municipalities analyze and describe their needs in relation to paratransit and transporting children with special needs to school.  With these calculations the ordering authority can be more specific and include information about how many busses will be needed to meet the demand, what distances will they need to drive and for how long time.
If you need proof of what your organization can profit from working with automatic transport planning (VRP) and route optimization (TSP), we can help by performing calculations based on data from your organization.

This way we can calculate the drivetime and km that the organization has spent to perform its tasks and compare these numbers with what they could have been if planned with professional planning software. Of course our suggested plans can be tested in reality.

Our software for automatic transportplanning is in many ways controlled by parameters. This enables the user to adjust his calculations to fit the reality in which his organization operates.

In order to exploit all opportunities within the software it is often a good idea to spar with our staff about the many options for  individualization by adjusting some of the parameters that controls the calculations of the planning software.